What's Inside the Red Pool? (SCP Animation)

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Svi 2020.
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An exploratory mission has been launched on The Red Pool, otherwise known as SCP-354. Several entry logs have been made by Dr. Calloway, one of The Foundation's leading biologists. The other side of the pool is unworldly, not following any of the physics in our reality, and there are several strange creatures to be discovered...
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Original Author(s):
► "The Red Pool" based upon "SCP-354” written by: Dave Rapp:
Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0


  • Me: Hears "Pandora's box" in the opening scene Also me: Able is going to love this.

  • 7:44

  • the smiling mouth frames were a huge mistake. really throws off the the narrative.

  • 0:46 did yall get newscape to do this?

  • Merchants, probably.

  • Would be awesome if you could fill a glass with the Red liquid from the pool to spawn mini monsters, Good thing its not real.

  • Weird dimension

  • I really liked this one

  • How many dimension scps are there?

  • Plot Twist: they’re in the attack on titan universe

  • Drink it

  • They had just bad wifi when they sink

  • 0:57 they probably got 198 in a safe somewhere on the site

  • “That old movie Jurassic Park”...

  • I wonder if he made it since if he starts sinking he would come back out the other side

  • When you have been forcibly been made to quite drinking coffee *Very loud internal screaming becomes external screaming*

  • very epic, I enjoy

  • I have a theory! The massive iron wall was built to wall off the lake because, Earth's reality was oozing there and maybe caused a mass extinction by transforming the atmosphere or our germs or wind killed them. Earth's Red Pool is the other side's reality oozing in too.

  • I like the mention of the "Open Pandora's Box" protocol.

  • I can just see a giant slime rushing to the king and hug him

  • worst expeditioners ever. not using any sort of protective suits in a alien planet complete disregard for pathogens and then trekking in random directions with no rope or markers that can lead you back to camp ESPECIALLY in a fucky dimension with reverse gravity and other nonsense

  • Been a while since I've heard "Pandora's Box"

  • Giant's period.

  • Yikes

  • How did that guy grow a beard so fast just in a week did he drink some beard juice?

  • Hope they dent sex ech other

  • ey you cant do that! we have too many quiestions how did swanson lose blood and why did they have to get back to the sub befor somthing happend WHAT WAS IT

  • Hey heres my theory im thinking that the redpool itself is an inter-dimensional gateway explaining all the odd creatures that caused the incident

  • the Relief when you hear that end music

  • The pressure keeps changing:p

  • Nice character design

  • Wonder when they will find me again, if they find me again.

  • Has anyone else noticed he grows a beard

  • My first question here is how they were originally planning to get back up if only the bottom had a drill...

  • Now I’m not so sure I want to go back to the pools after COVID

  • A series of gates between worlds with colossal black walls segmenting each pool?

  • log ends me:wha- no you cant do that thats not fair

  • This one was kinda immersive. I like the details and sounds and it had my attention the whole time more like this ☺️

  • This is a great story, but the overuse of redactions ruins it.

  • Bruh

  • Creepy that it goes from day 25 to day 39, and then something happens to the others.

  • As soon as he said 'no coffee allowed' I got a Starbucks advert.

  • yea this guy is really good at what he does

  • AOT

  • Comment

  • Red piss pool

  • Man, Sho Minazuki's life kind of went to shit after Persona 4 Ultimax


  • Neescape pro?

  • I think when he said the other guy crossed, that something in that realm makes people turn into those monsters

  • "old movie" Jurassic Park. lol

  • This is terraria

  • Soooooo........did Red make it back? Why make 1/2 assed stories.....finish it !!! Lazy putas

  • Wow Thet was ..... Unexpected. And scarry.

  • I really wanna know what happens

  • After binging the whole chanel, my biggest question is, why no coffee?

  • Main character dies- thanks for watching

  • Fun fact: jonathan the tortoise is the oldest animal on the earth 😊

  • Everyone: Notices the stubble growing over time Me: Sees the pressure going up slowly

  • I like how through the entire thing he slowly starts to grow a beard, great attention to detail!

  • love your animations quipe it going

  • So Dr. Calloway traveled from his dimension to the other, to ours? Is that the implication?

  • I heard that the red pool can summon other SCPs

  • "in that old movie jurassic park".... wow. that came out the year I was born. way to make me feel old.

  • Why is Adell from Disgaea 2 working at the foundation

  • This place is another purgatory style dimensional locale that is like the fog of lost souls, in the Four nations multiverse earth spirit world, but instead of madness/ paranoia fear gas , this however this place is an variant purgatory that was explored by this agency agents ...that proves to by the notes equally dangerous an place...

  • Anime girls: We will handle the tentacles


  • Okay

  • I mean the laws fisiks dont work on this world

  • The laws of fisiks dont on this world

  • And futureristik military base

  • The only that google earh showes its a random building i think its a super secure secret military base i think

  • And why is the water red it looks like blood

  • That god created okay

  • You cant walk on this grass because its a new world from god

  • Ummmm is that a joke

  • So when they went backout of the pool they went into another dimension

  • Open Pandora's box? Sounds fun...

  • 6:37 the pressure is building up i think something might happen

  • aaaaaaw they takin a bath

  • We called out to Leroy Me: LEEEEEERRROYYY JENNNKINS

  • This animation tell that you don’t need much movement to make a good story.

  • Guys just think for a second.. What if the "roar" was the red pool's attempt at discouraging the foundation guys from continuing any further? The tree falling on Swanson's tent could be seen as a sort of "final warning" and since the end logs seem to indicate that they were in a rush to get back not to mention the fact that Swanson died from bleeding and the "i just hope they don't", i think it's pretty safe to assume that.. They weren't simply running.. They were running from *SOMETHING*

  • Best personal guess: A planet in and different universe where the universal constants, and so the laws of physics, are different.

  • wait... havent they noticed that time theirs is like 5x faster? because he is having beard for each day...

  • We need another exploration 😔

  • HEY! That’s my lake

  • Whats inside the red pool ? My report card with all my failing grades


  • 0:30 since when did mtf wear beanies?

  • What if the explanation logs are from a parallel universe.

  • The celestial pillars in a nutshell.

  • Him talking to the camera feels like its a sort of deepfake

  • The Ginger's eyes are so odd, like reptilian. It throws me off. Still, I like it.

  • So that's where the inspiration for Grimm pool from RWBY came from.

  • Okay. I’m tripped out this was fucking amazing I was on the edge of my seat the entirety

  • i wonder if they found shinji

  • I really like the colour scheme of this episode

  • Someone please explain the coffee issue to me. PLEASE!